Paper Ink Alchemy

Paper Ink Alchemy is the creative outlet of Lottie, an artist and designer based in rural Worcestershire. She is a paper artist largely inspired by the natural world, you will often find mountains, trees and moons featured in her work. All of Lottie’s designs are created by hand using good old fashioned pencil and paper, she then cuts away the paper with scalpels to leave behind the design. Papercutting is an intricate and time consuming form of art but incredibly rewarding! Lottie works mainly with tree free eco papers – these are papers which are made from more sustainable resources such as bamboo, cotton and algae. As well as sometimes including out of date and damaged vintage maps and books in my pieces, adding colour, and giving the materials a new lease of life and saving them from landfill. For the occasional break from playing with knives Lottie sometimes works with watercolour paints and ink and often incorporates these techniques into her papercuts.